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Our Staff

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Principal Mr John Worthy
Deputy Principal Ms Karen Tucknott
Mr Nick Stenhouse
Manager Corporate Services
School Officers Laura D’Alonzo-Barkley (Mon, Tues, Fri)
Meagan MacKenzie 
Wendy Clouston (Wed/Thurs)
Library Officer Debra Kirton (Wed – Fri)
Kindergarten Green 1 Pip Murdoch (Mon/Wed)
Emily Anderson (Fri)
Kindergarten Red 1 Bev Thornett  (Tue/Thurs)
Emily Anderson (Fri)
Kindergarten Blue / Pre Primary 3 Lori Beatty
Pre Primary 4 Katie Ahrens
Year 1 9 Vicki Tennant
Year 1 10 Bree O’Dea (Mon/Tues/Wed Even weeks)
Megan Saggers (Wed Odd weeks/Thurs/Fri )
Year 1/2 8 Sarah Lydon
Year 2 7 Justine Watson
Year 2/3 6 Nadine Murray
Year 3 5 Emily Anderson (Mon/Tue)
Mandy Farmer (Wed/Thurs/Fri)
Year 3/4 12 Peter Blanch
Year 4/5 13 Iain Freeman
Year 5 14 Natalie Kos (Mon-Thurs),
Kelly Hughes (Fri)
Year 5/6 15 Thomas Scoulidis
Year 6 16 Elisa Phillips
Specialist Teachers
Performing Arts Music Andria Snelson (Tues – Fri)
Physical Education Library Michele Hendrik (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Japanese 18 David Pemberton (Wed – Fri)
Science Science Samantha Metcalf (Tues – Fri)
Education Assistants
Louise Carey
Vivienne Rocca
Rebecca Lee
Ashley Cross
Elise Hinkley
Linda Salm
Megan Anderson
Special Education Assistants
Julie Berti
Terriann Fraser
Amanda Edmondson
Alison Lane
Ramya Gannapathy
Other Staff
School Psychologist 17 Dylan Roggio (Thursday)
School Chaplain 17 Deborah Jones (Thurs/Fri)
Cleaner in Charge Moneer Markoub
Our Staff

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Newborough acknowledges the Whadjuk Noongar people as traditional custodians of this boodja (land) and recognises their continuing spiritual connection to country and moort (family). We would like to show respect to Elders past, present and emerging. It is a privilege to waabiny (play), kadadjiny (learn) and to make bunji (friends) on Whadjuk Noongar boodja.

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