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4 May 2022

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Principal’s Introduction

Welcome to Term Two

Isn’t it fantastic that we are finally emerging from the difficult COVID times and can start to get some normality back. There are still cases occurring, however the numbers are reducing. I trust and hope that everyone had a really enjoyable and relaxing break and, like me and all the staff, are keen to get stuck into a great Term Two. The resiliency and composure shown by everyone, especially our students, has been remarkable.

Welcome to new students and their families as well as the return of staff including teachers Mrs Leah Balding with Year One, Room 10; Mrs Saggers with Year Three, Room 5 and Education Assistant Miss Amanda Chisolm. We have a couple of changes in personnel in the Front Office. Mrs Suzanne Tenaglia (Thursday and Friday), Mrs Wendy Clouston (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and Ms Marsha Gingell (Wednesday) have all won permanent positions as School Officers.

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all our Mums and mother figures a very Happy Mother’s Day. I hope your children spoil you rotten and look after you with extra love and attention on this special day and every other day.

P&C Day

Friday 20 May is P&C Day. This is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge our P&C for all they do for our school community. We are so fortunate to have a strong and vibrant P&C who do so much for the school and community. I encourage all parents to come along to the meetings and get involved. Thank you Newborough P&C. You are really appreciated.

COVID-19 Recovery Changes

On Tuesday staff met to tease out and discuss how we can welcome back parents, volunteers and community members into the school. The sentiment from staff is that we have really missed having regular and close contact with parents and having volunteers helping in the school. This is such a highlight for our school and makes us stand out.

Whilst it has been a difficult time not having parents and community on site there has also been some unexpected bonuses and opportunity to reflect and make engagements even better. The process for this will be ongoing as I am keen to get feedback from parents and community as well as staff as we re-open and learn from our experiences.

Thank you to parents for your support and understanding. One of the really positive highlights has been greeting at the gates with Miss Tucknott and Mr Stenhouse and sometimes myself. Many a quick problem solved and communication shared. We enjoy getting to know parents, carers and grandparents and saying hello with a welcome smile. We will continue to do this.

P& C and Board Meetings

These are back on school site and face to face.


Both Choirs are up and running before school. They sounded fantastic and the smiles couldn’t have been wider.

Community Engagement after COVID Celebration

A lot of ideas have been shared. This one needs more work. I’ll share staff ideas at this weeks’ P&C.


Our first parent assembly for 2022 will be after NAPLAN testing. It will be a joint Year One Rooms 9 & 10 Assembly on Friday 27th May. We will then follow the calendar of assemblies set out before restrictions. Those classes that did online assemblies (Year 6-Room 16, Years 4/ 5 Room 13, Years 1/ 2 Room 8) in term one have completed their assembly for the year.

Parents in Classrooms Before School

We learned that children are really well organised, resilient and ready for school when parents drop them at the gates or quickly say goodbye at the classroom door. Teachers can focus on students and getting ready for the day. A quick exchange of information is always welcome. If you wish to have longer discussions make an appointment for a mutual time. We encourage a range of formats such as face to face, telephone and Webex/Teams etc. meetings.

As a general guide we ask that:

K-PP: Parents come in settle children, engage in an activity/game and leave promptly on the siren or teacher’s signal.
Year One: Similar to K-PP in Term One but start to develop student independency by reducing drop off time during Term Two. Leave promptly on the siren or teacher’s signal.
Years 2-6: Drop children off at the door or gate. Occasionally you may wish to check in briefly with the teacher at the classroom.

During School Day Pick Ups and Drop Offs

We are still working on this one for picking up students for appointments etc. from classrooms. Please continue to email student pick-ups well in advance. All parents/carers and visitors are required by the Department of Education to register in at the front office. For lunch/hat/clothes/item drop offs these can be left at the front office and will be delivered.

After School Play

This will start up again shortly. After school play is valued and important for students and for parents. The reason I have kept this on hold is that we need to set up play so that children are supervised properly by parents/carers, school rules observed, disruption to staff who are preparing work and meeting is minimised and students promptly leave by 3:30pm. My staff have expressed strong concern that poor play is interfering with their core preparation work. This was very noticeable when after school play was not allowed under COVID rules. As a staff we are working on solutions and I will work with parents to ensure all parties are understanding and compliant. A good discussion at P&C, so come along.

ANZAC Service 2022 – Theme ‘Animals in War’

Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this years’ ANZAC Service. This year we tried to ensure all the regular features were embraced. Running the Service via online production presented challenges that in the true spirit of ANZAC and Newborough were met and overcome. 119 people or groups linked in to the WebEx including at least one interstate grandparent. This is fantastic participation and something we may be able to incorporate for future events. It was great for those who cannot attend in person. Thank you for the positive feedback we received from online attendees. Mr Stenhouse did a terrific job ensuring everything worked. Behind the scenes Miss Tucknott coordinated the wreath making and reading class messages. Mrs Singleton put the wreath together highlighting a banksia flower from each class, guests and for those stuck at home because of COVID. It is in the office now as a dried arrangement and still looks terrific.

Teachers helped classes research “Animals in War’ and get their class message ready for their class’ pigeon to deliver. All pigeons returned safely to home-base in Yokine and classes were informed by email. A bit of the old and new communications. Our small, representative Choir sang superbly. Great job Choir and Mrs Snelson.

Student Leaders Campbell Weir, Lucas Davis and Yubin Kim lead the Service with dignity, skill and a great sense of occasion. I was especially pleased as two of our Student leaders had to withdraw at the last moment impacted by COVID. Lucas stepped in and the others adjusted their roles. They were superb MC’s and hosts looking after special guests.

Thank you to Mr Barns who kindly brought in his homing pigeons, Mr Stuart Aubrey who gave the main address about Sandy the Horse, Mr Callan Rose and Mr Laurie McCallum who represented the Board and P&C.

Later in the day I was interviewed by Lucie Bell on the 720 ABC Afternoon radio to talk about our unique Service. The sound grab is attached.

Six Seasons Djeran

Ant season (season of the adulthood) April - May

Djeran season at last sees a break in the really hot weather. A key indicator of the change of season is the cool nights that once again bring a dewy presence for us to discover in the early mornings.

The winds have also changed, especially in their intensity, with light breezes being the go and generally swinging from southerly directions (i.e. south east to south west). Many flying ants can be seen cruising around in the light winds.

Djeran is a time of red flowers especially from the Red Flowering Gum (Corimbia ficifolia), as well as the smaller and more petite flowers of the Summer Flame (Beaufortia aestiva). As you travel around the Perth area, you may also notice the red 'rust' and seed cones forming on the male and female Sheoaks (Allocasuarina fraseriana). Banksias start to display their flowers, ensuring that there are nectar food sources for the many small mammals and birds that rely upon them.

Traditionally, foods at this time of year included the seeds that had been collected and stored for treatment from the Zamia last season along with the root bulbs of the Yanget (Bullrushes), fresh water fish, frogs and turtles.

As the season progresses, the nights will become cooler and damper along with some cool and rainy days which also means that traditionally mia mias (houses or shelters) were now repaired and updated to make sure they were waterproofed and facing in the right direction in readiness for the deep wintery months to come.

Nature Playground

The process for designing our refurbished Nature Playground is moving quickly. Andrew Thomas from Four Landscape Studio has constructed a preliminary design ready for feedback. Andrew will be attending the P&C Meeting this Monday 9th May in the Library at 7:00pm to talk us through the design and get fine tuning. I have attached the pdf of the initial design for you to have a look at. I think it looks fantastic incorporating the key items and design brief really well and flexibility to work within our current budget and do further additions later. Andrew used the feedback we gave from students, parents and staff incorporating things that currently exist and work well and few new ideas. Come along.

Newbro Dad’s Vegie Patch Busy Bee – Saturday 14 May 10am – 3pm

The Newbro Dads Group is hosting a Busy Bee to rebuild some of the raised garden beds in the school vegie garden… yes we have a school vegetable garden!! The existing timber structures have reached the end of their life and new ones are in order. We have funding thanks to Coles Karrinyup and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens Foundation for these improvements. Mr Worthy will involve the kids planting for a winter vegie crop as soon as the beds are ready.

The Busy Bee is your chance to be involved in your school. Shake off the ‘COVID shackles’ and volunteer some of your time to assist in revitalising our school garden. Here is the ‘To Do List’:

  • Pull apart 4 of the 8 garden beds,
  • Dig and wheel barrow some soil away,
  • Set out and concrete in new support posts,
  • Fit timber sleepers to new framing,
  • Refit reticulation and back fill with soil.

Also we need:

  • BBQ attendant to cook the sausages,
  • Pruning, weeding and raking tasks.

So bring your gloves, shovels, trowels and enthusiasm.

When: Saturday 14th May, 10am – 3pm

Where: NPS School Garden east entrance off Wilding Street next to the Nature Playground.

Stirling Leisure Centres - Scarborough Survey

Stirling Leisure Centres – Scarborough are currently conducting surveys with our schools within the Scarborough area. These surveys will help provide programs to best suit the needs of the area. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and a massive help for us to provide new programs at Stirling Leisure Centres – Scarborough. Please note: This is the Centre on Gildercliffe Street, Doubleview, not the Karrinyup Centre next to the school. Luke Coburn, Senior Sports Officer.

Containers for Change

We are back collecting the 10 cent Containers for Change. Please bring in your washed out containers and leave them in the green recycle bin or school trailer. The Sustainability Leaders and Newbie Knights will sort them out and when we have a trailer load take them to the depot. Out target for term 2 is a 1 000 containers ($100). Last term, with restrictions we had 452 containers ($45.20). All the money raised goes towards the school’s sustainability initiatives. You can still take containers privately to the depot. Use the code C10245611 and the proceeds go to the school’s sustainability.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

- Phill Jackson


John Worthy


Term 2, 2022

Tuesday 26 April – Friday 1 July

Pupil Free Day – Friday 3 June

Term 3, 2022

Tuesday 19 July – Friday 23 September

Term 4, 2022

Tuesday 11 October – Thursday 15 December

School Directory




School Office

08 9278 0450


SMS 0409 088 585


Useful School Information


School commences at:

8.40am – Please arrive to your classroom by 8:30am

Morning recess:

10.40am – 11.00am


1.00pm – 1:40pm

School finishes at:

2:55pm (apart from Tuesday, early finish 2:30pm)


Department of Education (Western Australia) policy states that all children from Pre Primary attend school for 5 full days as from the commencement of the school year.

Attendance details are entered electronically twice daily by classroom teachers and the information fed onto a school database. An SMS messaging service endorsed by the Department of Education operates to enable parents to inform the school by text message if their child is going to be absent. The system also automatically sends a message to parents if their child has not arrived at school and no notification has been received. This service assists parents to advise the school of absences and also ensures the safety of children by letting parents know that the child has not arrived at school.

If your child will be absent/sick or late, please contact the School directly either by:


0409 088 585 (preferred method)



9278 0450

Please include only the student’s name and classroom number, reason for absence and the date in any messages. For Example: “John Doe Room 13 absent 1/2/2021 sick with flu”.

Notes are requested from parents for:

  • Any absence from school
  • Permission to go on vacation during term time
  • Permission to leave the school grounds at any time including lunch time
  • Non participation in sport and physical education lessons


Parents/guardians are reminded that students should not arrive at school before 8:20am. When gates open. Teachers open classrooms at 8:30am. There is no play before school.

School commences at 8:40am Sharp. Late arrivals need to go to the front office with their parents to sign in and get a LATE PASS.


If your child needs to be collected from school during school hours (e.g. attending an appointment or leaving early), can you please email the school at and your child’s class teacher ahead of time (at least 24 hours’ beforehand, where possible). Please include a reason for early pick up and the approximate time you will be here. This will help with coordinating your child to be waiting at the office when you arrive and lessen your wait time


During the year teaching staff plan a range of suitable excursions and incursions to introduce, develop or reinforce learning experiences for their class.

Incursions are an opportunity for the children to experience high standard performances covering a wide range of learning areas. The children are able to see national, and sometimes international, performers including musicians, storytellers, artists and many others at a reasonable cost. Particular attention is given to developing the social skills of the children, as well as their confidence and independence.

Formal written permission is required before any child can be taken on an excursion. Every endeavour is made to space excursions/incursions during the year to avoid costs being too great at any one time. If payment is not received by the due date and a payment plan has not been entered into, students will not participate in that particular excursion/incursion and will join a buddy class on that day.


When paying for incursions, excursions or other school activities, please pay via direct deposit into the school bank. Newborough Primary School does not accept cash payments.

Money can be paid by online banking (please include your child’s surname and incursion/excursion name as reference). Eg K Smith Edudance. Our school bank details are:

BSB: 016 350
Account No: 3408 71304


If your child still needs a school diary and/or green library bag from their booklist, they can be purchased from the front office.

Please make payment via direct deposit to the school’s bank account (diaries are $10 and the green library bags are $6.95), including the child’s name and the item in the reference section eg Janet Smith, diary/bag. Once the transaction appears on the next morning’s bank statement, we will deliver the item/s to your child in their classroom.


Applications are now open for our 2023 Kindergarten program at Newborough Primary School.

Children born between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 will be eligible to start Kindy next year and applications should be made before Friday 22 July 2022.

If you have a child or know a neighbour who has a child with a birthday between these dates, please complete an Application for Enrolment before Friday 22 July this year.

To make an application to attend Newborough Primary, a parent applying to enrol a child in a public school should complete an Application for Enrolment and submit it together with the required documents listed.

  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Up-to-date Australian Immunisation History Statement
  • Proof of Residential Residence (1 document from list below)
    o    City of Stirling Rates
    o    Electricity & Gas Account (e.g. Synergy or Alinta Gas - dated within the last 3 months)
    o    Signed Rental Agreement – Must show both parties signatures
  • If born overseas - Visa Documentation for Child and Parent (if applicable)
  • Family Court Orders (if applicable)

Application forms can be downloaded from our website, or click on the link below

alternately you can collect one from our front office.

Our administration office is open from 8:00am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.


Choir News

Due to COVID restrictions changing, we are now able to resume our normal schedule for choir practices for both Junior and Senior Choir as follows:

Junior Training Choir Years 1-3 on Tuesday mornings 8am – 8:30am (entry from Mulberry gate from 7:55am)

Senior Performance Choir Years 4-6 on Wednesday mornings 7:45am – 8:30am (entry from Mulberry gate from 7:40am)

P&C News

Canteen News

The school canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for morning recess and lunches

Canteen Manager

Uniform Shop News

Great news! Our polo shirts have arrived and are now available in every size. Outstanding orders have been filled – if you have not yet received your outstanding order, please email and we will forward your email to the Uniform Shop contact for investigation. Thanks to everyone for their patience while we’ve been waiting for the stock, which was ordered last year!

From this week, the Uniform Shop will no longer be open on Tuesday mornings – we are currently sourcing an external supplier. In the meantime, all uniform orders can be made online via Quickcliq and will be delivered to your child’s classroom.


Paper Planes and Pizza Night - Friday 27 May, 6pm to 8pm

The Newbro Dads invite you to bring your paper plane building skills and appetite to our Paper Planes and Pizza Night.

Raid paper from the printer draw and start practicing your plane folding and throwing skills. We will have stacks of paper and some ‘never fail’ plane designs to get you started. Then we will see who can throw their plane the furthest and who has the most accurate throw.

But wait there’s more…

All this is then topped off with PIZZA!!! (Haha bad Dad pun)

So Dads organise the night off, Mum’s facilitate the night off and see you at the school Undercover Area on Friday 27th May, 6pm to 8pm.

Have questions, want more info? …go to the Newbros Facebook page to view the event: Newbro Dads FB Event

Don’t do Facebook? Email us your question:

What no email!!! Write us a letter, fold it into a plane and …..…..


A little message to wish our Newborough Netty stars good luck for their first game this Friday night / Saturday morning.

For many players it will be their first time wearing their special netball uniform and representing Newborough Primary School at Matthews.

I’m sure you will all do an amazing job and your coaches and parents will be incredibly proud.

Go Newborough! GOOD LUCK!

Sonia Johansen
Newborough Netball Club Coordinator

Birthday Cakes/Gifts for Students

A reminder that we are not allowing the sharing of birthday cakes, presents etc. for birthdays or other celebrations due to the COVID restrictions. It remains too risky.

No Dogs on School Grounds

DoE Security

Keep an eagle eye on our school!

School Watch encourages the school community to report any suspicious activity in and around school grounds, after hours and on weekends, as well as during school holidays.

Telephone 1800 177 777 (free call) or 13 14 44 (WA Police).

Please do not approach any individuals, just contact security and they will investigate the situation or contact the Police. Working together will help protect our school.

Community News

Barnes Karate

Target Sports


Our enrolment page is located here:

School Calendar


Target Sports

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Mulberry Tree Childcare

Working in partnership with Newborough Primary School

The services we offer are:

Before School Care - daily 7:00am – 9:00am

After School Care - daily 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Vacation Care – School Holidays 7:00am to 6:00pm

For more information visit our website at:

For all enquiries please contact us on: or on (08) 9244 2920

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