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16 June 2022

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Dates to Remember

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Principal’s Introduction

Queens Jubilee Tree Planting

I’m pleased to announce that the school has been successful obtaining a grant for $8,000 to purchase trees to complement our Nature Playground. The grant is from the Australian Government celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. The successful proposal aims to plant 45 Native Banksia Trees around the western, northern and north eastern boundary fences creating a natural border and habitat for local birds and animals. The Banksias we have chosen are Banksia Attennuata (Candlestick banksia) and the Banksia Menziesii (Firewood banksia – school logo). They will grow up to 5 metres tall. The grant includes funds to cover the costs for installing temporary reticulation that links to our main system, open mesh fencing and tree guards. This will hopefully assist with the new trees surviving through summer. Once the trees are established the fencing, reticulation and guards can be re-used in future planting programs.

Our aim is to have the tree planting completed on Friday 19th August (Term 3 Week 5) with each class planting three trees in designated holes. The Sustainability team known as the Newbie Knights will work together to prepare and teach students about tree planting and the importance of trees. They are very excited to do this. The tree planting will work in with the Nature Playground refurbishment. If all goes to time planning, we will hold a joint Nature Playground and Queen’s Jubilee opening and recognition assembly on Friday 9th December (Term 4 Week 9) in the grassed amphitheatre area next to the Nature Playground. If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the tree planting and ceremony, please let me know. There are plenty of jobs.

Car Parking in the Stirling Leisure Centre’s Karrinyup Centre

I have received a reminder from the City of Stirling Rangers that parents have been parking in the front area closest to the Centre during pick up and drop off for school. This area is well signed and reserved for Centre users. These users are mostly older folk attending workshops in the morning and need to be as close to the doors as is practicable. The City have been taking photographs of the main offender’s vehicles and may issue warnings and or fines shortly.

The new parking and vehicle movement changes seem to be working quite well apart from this. Don’t forget that we open Hazlitt Field for parking on special occasions such as assemblies and events.

Vaping in Schools

Last week the Minister for Education announced the response schools are to take regarding Vaping or e-cigarettes as they are known. The issue of Vaping is a growing concern, particularly in high schools. It has not been an issue for us at Newborough Primary School, however, it is wise to understand the facts and consequences for Vaping. I have provided a facts sheet that can be used at home and in classrooms to understand what Vaping is and the dangers of this practice.

At Newborough we will treat Vaping the same as we do for smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes or Vaping is not allowed on school sites and within 5 metres of entry points to the school.

Whilst it has not been an issue for us I believe it is important to be well informed and prepared, especially for students who will shortly be heading to high school.

“Openness, respect, integrity – these are principles that need to underpin pretty much every other decision that you make.” Justin Trudeau

John Worthy


Reporting to Parents

In Week 10 of this term, the Pre-primary to Year 6 students Semester One formal reports will be sent home via email. The report will include the A to E grades (or equivalent 5 point scale) for required learning areas. Information regarding your child’s Attitude, Behaviour and Effort will also be reported on. Teachers will also include brief comments on your child’s achievement.

Mid-year reporting – Grade Allocation Considerations

The achievement standards articulated in the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline describes the expected achievement for students who have been taught the curriculum content for the full year of schooling.

The Semester One mid-year report involves the provision of an indicative grade allocated based on the curriculum taught and assessed to date. Grades can, and often do, fluctuate between semesters based on the curriculum complexity taught hierarchically in each year level, increased year level expectations, work completion, student attitude, effort and behaviour, student wellbeing and student absences. As you are aware, COVID-19 has continued to impact our school community and has presented us with challenges in managing both student and staff attendance and, for some students, long absences through Covid may impact their grades for this semester.

If your child’s grade differs to what you would expect, it is important to consider all factors surrounding your child’s achievement. For additional information on your child’s progress, you are encouraged to make an appointment with your child’s classroom or specialist teacher.

A note to families that if a student receives a ‘C’ grade or a Satisfactory allocation, then they are achieving where they are expected to for that year level. This is good news.

Your class and specialist teachers will also let you know if your child is achieving below year level standard and if they will be receiving a Special Education Needs or modified report for your child.

Reporting to Parents – Electronic Report Delivery Semester 1, 2022

Your child’s Semester One report will be emailed out on Monday 27th June 2022. This will be before the end of the day. Please check your Trash or SPAM box first if you do not receive it by the end of the school day before contacting the school for it to be reissued.

Electronic reports mean parents are able to retain a digital record of student achievement. However, as the link to the reports only lasts for four weeks, it is vitally important that parents SAVE their child’s report ASAP.

To ensure you receive your child’s report, it is imperative that your email address is correct with the school. If there have been any changes to your email/email addresses, please contact the school immediately.

If you require a duplicate copy of the report due to different family circumstances, please email ASAP with the name of the person the report should be emailed to. Please note the person must already be on our contact system. Families who have requested this in the past should be automatically still be set up for receiving a duplicate report.

Edu-Dance Concerts Week 9, Term 2

As you are aware, students have been participating in our Edu-dance program this term and loving it!

We are pleased that Covid restrictions are gone and we are able to invite families to watch the Edu-dance Concerts being held on Wednesday 22nd June and Thursday 23rd June.

There will be two concerts each day.

One for the Kindy and Pre-primary students at 12.20pm and then the Year 1-6 classes at 2.15pm.

The Mulberry Tree and Karrinyup Sports gates will open at 12.10pm for Kindy and Pre-primary families to come through for their concert. We ask that families leave the school promptly after the concert please.

All gates will then reopen at 2.00pm for the Years 1-6 concerts on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Teachers will send home the costume lists for you to help your child be prepared for the concert.

We thank you for your support for our Edu-dance concerts. Please do not hesitate to contact either Karen Tucknott or your class teacher if you have any queries. J

Cross-Country Years 1-6 Tuesday 28 June 2022

Newborough Primary School will be holding our Faction Cross Country event this year on Tuesday 28th July 2022.

  • All parents and guardians are most welcome to attend.
  • Please only attend your child’s race/races and then leave the school site.
  • Please do not interact with your children. Please stay in the zoned parent area only.
  • Please do not bring your dogs to the school grounds or school oval at any time.
  • Whilst we appreciate Covid restrictions have been lifted, we still encourage all parents to observe good hygiene practices including handwashing and reasonable physical distancing if necessary.

If heavy rain is forecast a date will be decided as soon as possible. The school will be notified late on Monday by email if the carnival will be postponed. The faction cross-country shield will be presented at the NAIDOC Assembly on Friday 1st July.

Where: All start points and finishes at the long jump sandpit.
Race Times: Races will start with the Year 2 students at 8.50am. Parents can drop students off at class and then wait on the oval in the marked parent area for students to arrive and race. All cross-country races will be concluded by lunch time at 1.00pm.
Medallions: This year we will be presenting all first-place winners from Years 3-6 with a Champion Boy and Girl medallion and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place getters with a ribbon. Years 3-6 students will then be chosen for the interschool Cross Country carnival. The date for this is yet to be decided.

Year 1 and 2 student winners will receive 1st-4th place ribbons, but not medallions, as our Year 1 and 2 sports program focus is on the PBW values of Challenging Yourself, Teamwork, Respect and Kindness to do your very best for your faction and in all events no matter what your sporting ability. These are the years we are developing student’s skills, fitness, enjoyment and sportsmanship before they enter the older years where they will be eligible to compete for medallions and interschool events.

All children are expected to participate unless they have a medical reason and a note from their parents and/or medical practitioner to state that they cannot participate.

Children will require: (Please label clearly with your child’s name all personal property eg hat, jumper, drink bottle and Ventolin puffer)

  1. All children will require a drink bottle of water for this event.
  2. Children are to wear their faction T-shirt for this event.
  3. All children will require a hat to be worn whilst waiting for their event. They will not run with their hat on.
  4. All children MUST run in sports shoes. (No sandals or boots)
  5. Children who are asthmatic, MUST bring their Ventolin/medication to the event. (Ventolin will be available if required)
  6. If it is cool, children may require a jumper before and after their event.

GIFTED AND TALENTED: Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC)


The PEAC Program provides part time extension and enrichment for exceptionally able students in Years 5 and 6. PEAC offers a range of courses that provide identified students with work that is intellectually challenging.

All students in Year 4 will have the opportunity to be assessed for suitability for the PEAC Program. Testing at Newborough Primary will occur on Monday, 1st August 2022

The scores from the test will be used in the selection of students for PEAC courses and extension programs during 2023 to 2024 and also to inform educational provision in schools.

If you do not wish your child to be included in the PEAC assessment please notify the school in writing by Monday, 25th July 2022.

NAIDOC Week Assembly – Friday 1st July

This Year NAIDOC week is being celebrated in Week 10 this term, from Sunday 3rd July to Sunday 10th July. The theme is “Get up, Stand up, Show up.” Ms Watson’s Room 7 students will be hosting a celebration assembly on Friday, 1st July at 8:50am. Both Junior and Senior choirs will be performing and the whole school will be singing a special dual language version of the National Anthem (Koolbang Australia Kwop), which has been translated by the Walyalup Waangkan Noongar Language Group. The students are currently creating artworks based on the Noongar 6 seasons; Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang. We are entering the Makuru season, which is the coldest and wettest time of the year. There will be a display of some of these artworks at the assembly. We will also be showing a video of what NAIDOC week means to people in our school community.

Please come along and a join us in in standing up and showing up to celebrate NAIDOC Week.


This year has been quite disruptive for students, with the effects of Covid-19 being evidence in our attendance figures. Thank you to parents who have followed the State Government’s protocols and kept children home while sick and informing us of your child’s absences. Newborough usually maintains an overall attendance rate of about 93% and the percentage of students attending regularly falls between 75% and 80%. From the table below, you can see the breakdown of attendance for this Semester, which has dropped considerably.

Whilst we appreciate your work with the disruptions that Covid-19 has caused, we encourage your child to be at school every day. Attached is information from the Department of Education regarding when it is ok to miss school.

If you child is missing school we ask that you notify school using one of the following methods:

SMS: 0409 088 585
Phone: 9278 0450


Applications are now open for our 2023 Kindergarten program at Newborough Primary School.

Children born between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 will be eligible to start Kindy next year and applications should be made before Friday 22 July 2022.

If you have a child or know a neighbour who has a child with a birthday between these dates, please complete an Application for Enrolment before Friday 22 July this year.

To make an application to attend Newborough Primary, a parent applying to enrol a child in a public school should complete an Application for Enrolment and submit it together with the required documents listed.

  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Up-to-date Australian Immunisation History Statement
  • Proof of Residential Residence (1 document from list below)
      o City of Stirling Rates
      o Electricity & Gas Account (eg. Synergy or Alinta Gas - dated within the last 3 months)
      o Signed Rental Agreement – Must show both parties signatures
  • Family Court Orders (if applicable)
  • Proof of Australian Citizenship of child

Application forms can be downloaded from our website, or click on this link: primary_application_for_enrolment , alternately you can collect one from our front office.

Our administration office is open from 8:00am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.


Term 2, 2022

Tuesday 26 April – Friday 1 July

Pupil Free Day – Friday 3 June

Term 3, 2022

Tuesday 19 July – Friday 23 September

Term 4, 2022

Tuesday 11 October – Thursday 15 December

School Directory




School Office

08 9278 0450


SMS 0409 088 585


Useful School Information


School commences at:

8.40am – Please arrive to your classroom by 8:30am

Morning recess:

10.40am – 11.00am


1.00pm – 1:40pm

School finishes at:

2:55pm (apart from Tuesday, early finish 2:30pm)


Department of Education (Western Australia) policy states that all children from Pre Primary attend school for 5 full days as from the commencement of the school year.

Attendance details are entered electronically twice daily by classroom teachers and the information fed onto a school database. An SMS messaging service endorsed by the Department of Education operates to enable parents to inform the school by text message if their child is going to be absent. The system also automatically sends a message to parents if their child has not arrived at school and no notification has been received. This service assists parents to advise the school of absences and also ensures the safety of children by letting parents know that the child has not arrived at school.

If your child will be absent/sick or late, please contact the School directly either by:


0409 088 585 (preferred method)



9278 0450

Please include only the student’s name and classroom number, reason for absence and the date in any messages. For Example: “John Doe Room 13 absent 1/2/2021 sick with flu”.

Notes are requested from parents for:

  • Any absence from school
  • Permission to go on vacation during term time
  • Permission to leave the school grounds at any time including lunch time
  • Non participation in sport and physical education lessons


Parents/guardians are reminded that students should not arrive at school before 8:20am. When gates open. Teachers open classrooms at 8:30am. There is no play before school.

School commences at 8:40am Sharp. Late arrivals need to go to the front office with their parents to sign in and get a LATE PASS.


If your child needs to be collected from school during school hours (e.g. attending an appointment or leaving early), can you please email the school at and your child’s class teacher ahead of time - at least 24 hours beforehand, where possible. Please include a reason for early pick up and the approximate time you will be here. This will help with coordinating your child to be waiting at the office when you arrive and lessen your wait time


During the year teaching staff plan a range of suitable excursions and incursions to introduce, develop or reinforce learning experiences for their class.

Incursions are an opportunity for the children to experience high standard performances covering a wide range of learning areas. The children are able to see national, and sometimes international, performers including musicians, storytellers, artists and many others at a reasonable cost. Particular attention is given to developing the social skills of the children, as well as their confidence and independence.

Formal written permission is required before any child can be taken on an excursion. Every endeavour is made to space excursions/incursions during the year to avoid costs being too great at any one time. If payment is not received by the due date and a payment plan has not been entered into, students will not participate in that particular excursion/incursion and will join a buddy class on that day.


When paying for incursions, excursions, or other school activities, please pay via direct deposit into the school bank. Newborough Primary School does not accept cash payments.

Money can be paid by online banking (please include your child’s surname and incursion/excursion name as reference). eg K Smith Edu-dance. Our school bank details are:

BSB: 016 350
Account No: 3408 71304


If your child still needs a school diary and/or green library bag from their booklist they can be purchased from the front office.

Please make payment via direct deposit to the school’s bank account (diaries are $10 and the green library bags are $6.95), including the child’s name and the item in the reference section eg Janet Smith, diary/bag. Once the transaction appears on the next morning’s bank statement, we will deliver the item/s to your child in their classroom.


Thanks to the generous contribution of the P&C over the last two years, the music room now has five beautiful marimbas. Our Pre-Primary and Year 1 students have been very busy this semester on these percussion instruments. Here is the Year 5/6 Marimba Ensemble in action and with the new contrabass marimba, they sound fantastic!

P&C News

Canteen News

The school canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for morning recess and lunches


Canteen Manager

Uniform Shop News

Great news! Our polo shirts have arrived and are now available in every size. Outstanding orders have been filled – if you have not yet received your outstanding order, please email and we will forward your email to the Uniform Shop contact for investigation. Thanks to everyone for their patience while we’ve been waiting for the stock, which was ordered last year!

The Uniform Shop is no longer open on Tuesday mornings – we are currently sourcing an external supplier. In the meantime, all uniform orders can be made online via Quickcliq and will be delivered to your child’s classroom.

Birthday Cakes/Gifts for Students

A reminder that we are not allowing the sharing of birthday cakes, presents etc. for birthdays or other celebrations due to the COVID restrictions. It remains too risky.

No Dogs on School Grounds

DoE Security

Keep an eagle eye on our school!

School Watch encourages the school community to report any suspicious activity in and around school grounds, after hours and on weekends, as well as during school holidays.

Telephone 1800 177 777 (free call) or 13 14 44 (WA Police).

Please do not approach any individuals, just contact security and they will investigate the situation or contact the Police. Working together will help protect our school.

Community News

Barnes Karate

Target Sports


Our enrolment page is located here:

School Calendar


Target Sports

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Mulberry Tree Childcare

Working in partnership with Newborough Primary School

The services we offer are:

Before School Care - daily 7:00am – 9:00am

After School Care - daily 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Vacation Care – School Holidays 7:00am to 6:00pm

For more information visit our website at:

For all enquiries please contact us on: or on (08) 9244 2920

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