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9 February 2022

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Principal’s Introduction


Welcome to all our new students, families and all those returning. We are going to have a fantastic year! It was lovely to see our students and families back keen and excited about the challenges ahead.

It is certainly setting up to be an interesting year with the anticipation of Omicron coming into WA. I have asked all my staff to focus on establishing the year with a focus on teaching and learning. In our first days back without students we workshopped the new Oxford Mathematics, Soundwaves, our Positive Behaviour Program and like year level teachers working together on planning continuity for learning. We also went through all the safety and well-being processes put in place by the Government for COVID-19. This includes ventilation, mask wearing, social distancing and hygiene practices including washing hands, coughing into elbow and use of tissues.

Our school prides itself on community engagement and parent involvement. The last year or so has been quite difficult so now is the time to get involved and contribute to this fantastic school. One of the best ways to do this is to join the P&C. The first meeting for the year is Wednesday 16th February in the Library starting at 7:00pm. Enter through the Mulberry Tree After School Care gate between the Kindergarten and After School Care rooms. I look forward to working with our fabulous P&C and getting to know new members. It’s a lot of fun and really supports the children and school.

We welcome new and returning staff. This year we have had very few changes to our permanent staff. Ms Kate Tyndall has moved to a new school, Shorehaven PS, to be closer to her home. We have been fortunate to appoint Mrs Lynda Henderson as Acting School Officer until this position is permanently filled.

Mr Dylan Roggio is our new School Psychologist replacing Mrs Rita Burgess who has retired from her position at Newborough. Dylan will be at school each Thursday. Welcome back Miss Katie Ahrens after your well-earned LSL.

Ms Kris Williams will be taking LSL from the start of week three. We are currently in a selection process to fill the PE position. Mrs Megan Saggers is returning from Queensland after supporting family and will be with us shortly once her quarantine period lifts. Mrs Mandy Farmer has broken her wrist in a freak bike accident and will be away for at least the next four weeks. Miss Shareen Sidhu will be the relief for this period in Room 5.

Thank you to all parents for your preparation of students in school uniform and booklist items. Some uniform items are still on back order due to transport issues from the east. Parents will be advised as soon as possible when items arrive. Nearly all students wore the school uniform and a hat to wear out in the sun during the breaks. This is so important as it gives a sense of identity and belonging as well as being most functional. Having clothing, pens, pencils etc. labelled clearly with names is most helpful. The P&C have once again been fantastic with their support running the uniform shop. Many thanks Mrs Miriam Lopes and Mrs Emma Martin and her team in the Uniform Shop and Ms Jackie Stott and the Booklist team who packed and distributed all the booklists. They all did a brilliant job.

We know that preparing our children for school and settling into good patterns really helps with learning (and sanity at home and school). Please ensure your child (ren) have a substantial breakfast, plenty of sleep and get to school in time to prepare for the day ahead. Every day at school is important. Don’t let TV and electronic devices rule your life. A little time and effort put into these areas now will set up a great year. We remind everyone that our school policy is that any students with mobile communication devices, including mobile phones, are dropped off at the front office before school and picked up after school. The exception to this is the years 4-6students participating in the bring your own devices program.

A reminder that the Department of Education require that students do not use mobile phones during school time. Our school requires that students hand in their mobile phones to their class teacher at the start of the day and pick them up after school. Students who may require contacting parents during the school day can do this on the school landline phones with permission of the Admin team.


As we have experienced in the first week the school needs to be responsive to changes as directed by the Health and Education Departments’. Our aim is to run as many events and activities as normally as possible. I will limit the frequency of communications to essential. The two main communication methods will be email and this newsletter. Please read them carefully. I suspect there will be regular changes as we adjust to COVID-19 and the latest Omicron variant.

At school we are teaching and supporting students to wash their hands regularly and sneeze/cough into the elbow bend. If your child has symptoms of a cold or flu please keep them home and seek medical assistance ensuring they are well before returning to school. I encourage all those eligible to be vaccinated, especially with the third booster that has proven to be effective with Omicron. All staff are double vaccinated with many triple vaccinated (71%). All staff are required to be triple vaccinated within three months of their second vaccination.


Every effort has been made to place students to assist them with their learning journey and maintain social interaction with their like year level peers. Whilst we would like to have straight classes this year our numbers have meant we have six split classes. All year levels are involved in splits, K-6. Children in all classes are taught the curriculum for their year level with like year level teachers working collaboratively to ensure continuity between classes. Long term research (Hattie) indicates that there is no advantage or disadvantage for a student in split or straight classes. We are fortunate to have excellent teachers in all classes.




Kindy Green (Attend Mon/Wed / Alternative Fridays)

Mrs Pip Murdoch

Miss Emily Anderson (Fri)


Room 1

Kindy Red (Attend Tues/Thurs / Alternative Fridays)

Mrs Bev Thornett

Miss Emily Anderson (Fri)


Room 1

Kindy Blue (Attend Tues/Thurs / Alternative Fridays) and Pre-Primary

Mrs Lori Beatty

Room 3


Miss Katie Ahrens

Room 4

Year 1

Mrs Vicki Tennant

Room 9

Year 1

Mrs Bree O’Dea (Mon, Tues, Alternate Wed)

Mrs Megan Saggers (Term 1 Alternate Wed. Thurs – Fri)

Mrs Leah Balding returns Term 2 for Mrs Saggers

Room 10

Year 1/2

Ms Sarah Lydon

Room 8

Year 2

Miss Justine Watson

Room 7

Year 2/3

Ms Nadine Murray

Room 6

Year 3

Mrs Mandy Farmer (Wed-Fri)

Miss Emily Anderson (Mon – Tues)

Room 5

Year 3/4

Mr Peter Blanch

Room 12

Year 4/5

Mr Iain Freeman

Room 13

Year 5

Miss Natalie Kos

Room 14

Years 5/6

Ms Lauren Danker

Room 15

Years 6

Ms Elisa Phillips

Room 16

MiniLit Program

Room 5

Performing Arts (Music)

Mrs Andria Snelson (Tue – Fri)

Music Room

Physical Education

Ms Kris Williams (Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri)



Mrs Samantha Metcalf (Mon – Thurs.)


Japanese Language

Mr David Pemberton (Wed/Thur/ Fri)

Room 18

School Psych

Mr Dylan Roggio (Thurs)

Room 17


Ms Deb Jones (Thurs–Fri)

Room 17

School Nurse

Ms Brittany Seeley

No set days


Mr John Worthy

Deputy Principal

Miss Karen Tucknott (Curriculum and Pedagogy)

Special Needs Education Assistants

Mrs Alison Lane

Mrs Megan Mackenzie

Mrs Julie Berti

Mrs Donna Schultz

Mrs Mandy Edmondson

Mrs Terriann Fraser

Mrs Ramya Ganapathy

Education Assistants

Mrs Louise Carey

Mrs Vivienne Rocca

Mrs Rebecca Lee

Mrs Ashley Cross

Mrs Elise Hinkley

Mrs Linda Salm

Mrs Megan Anderson

Deputy Principal

Mr Nick Stenhouse (Student Services & Technology)

Manager Corporate Services

Mrs Sharon Singleton

School Officers

Mrs Lynda Henderson(Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri)

Mrs Laura D’Alonzo-Barkley (Mon/Tue/Fri)

Mrs Wendy Clouston (Wed/Thur)

Library Officer

Ms Deb Kirton (Mon/Wed Alternative Fridays)


Mr Tim Riley (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Cleaner in Charge

Mr Moneer Markoub




Parents/guardians are reminded that students should not arrive at school before 8:20am. When gates open. Teachers open classrooms at 8:30am. There is no play before school.

School commences at 8:40am Sharp! Late arrivals need to go to the front office with their parents to sign in and get a yellow Late Pass. If a late student is not accompanied by a parent the parent will be contacted. Lateness disturbs learning for ALL children.

Unfortunately, after school play is currently cancelled with the Department’s Directions on gatherings at school. Once these are lifted after school play can resume.

School gates are locked at 3:10pm. The Mulberry Tree gate next to the Day care and Kindergarten is left unlocked until 6:00pm.


Every day at school is important for every child from Kindergarten to year 6. Our attendance mantra is EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL. This includes being on time and ready to start the school day.

The school and principal does not endorse children’s absences to go on holidays, greeting or saying goodbye to fly in fly out parents, special shopping trips and the like. These are unacceptable excuses that we hear too often. Parents are responsible and legally obliged to ensure their children attend school every day possible. Poor attendance not only severely impacts on your child’s learning but also on other children in your child’s class.

If you are having any difficulty getting your child to school let us know and we will try and help. Sometimes it seems easier to give into a child and keep them home for trivial reasons. This is fraught with short term and long term danger. We have had a lot of success in this area when parents and the school work together. Make no excuses for not attending school.


Unfortunately, our school and Interschool swimming carnivals will not go ahead this year. This is the result of not having PE and support staff available, COVID gathering restrictions and the Churchlands pool not being accessible.


Congratulations and thank you to Simon Zuvich and helpers who set up and supported the P&C stall at the City of Stirling’s “Get Wild on Wilding” community welcome event on Saturday. The P&C donated free slushies to all new students to welcome them and their families. Slushies were on sale for everyone else and were extremely popular on such a hot day. The P&C had a display showing some of the many activities they do to support the school encouraging parents to sign on for the year. It was great to see so many students, former students and families come and say hello and enjoy the festivities.

“A great relationship is about two things, first, find out the similarities, second, respect the differences.”


John Worthy


Term 1, 2022

Monday 31 January – Friday 8 April

Term 2, 2022

Tuesday 26 April – Friday 1 July

Pupil Free Day – Friday 3 June

Term 3, 2022

Tuesday 19 July – Friday 23 September

Term 4, 2022

Tuesday 11 October – Thursday 15 December

School Directory




School Office

08 9278 0450


SMS 0409 088 585


Useful School Information


School commences at: 8.40am – Please arrive to your classroom by 8:30am

Morning recess: 10.40am – 11.00am

Lunch: 1.00pm – 1:40pm

School finishes at: 2:55pm (apart from Tuesday, early finish 2:30pm)


Department of Education (Western Australia) policy states that all children from Pre Primary attend school for 5 full days as from the commencement of the school year.

Attendance details are entered electronically twice daily by classroom teachers and the information fed onto a school database. An SMS messaging service endorsed by the Department of Education operates to enable parents to inform the school by text message if their child is going to be absent. The system also automatically sends a message to parents if their child has not arrived at school and no notification has been received. This service assists parents to advise the school of absences and also ensures the safety of children by letting parents know that the child has not arrived at school.

If your child will be absent/sick or late, please contact the School directly either by:

SMS: 0409 088 585 (preferred method)


Phone: 9278 0450

Please include only the student’s name and classroom number, reason for absence and the date in any messages. For Example: “John Doe Room 13 absent 1/2/2021 sick with flu”.

Notes are requested from parents for:

  • Any absence from school
  • Permission to go on vacation during term time
  • Permission to leave the school grounds at any time including lunch time
  • Non participation in sport and physical education lessons


Parents/guardians are reminded that students should not arrive at school before 8:20am. When gates open. Teachers open classrooms at 8:30am. There is no play before school.

School commences at 8:40am Sharp. Late arrivals need to go to the front office with their parents to sign in and get a LATE PASS.


If your child needs to be collected from school during school hours (e.g. attending an appointment or leaving early), can you please email the school at and your child’s class teacher ahead of time (the day before or in the morning would be great). Please include a reason for early pick up and the approximate time you will be here. This will help with coordinating your child to be waiting at the office when you arrive and lessen your wait time


During the year teaching staff plan a range of suitable excursions and incursions to introduce, develop or reinforce learning experiences for their class.

Incursions are an opportunity for the children to experience high standard performances covering a wide range of learning areas. The children are able to see national, and sometimes international, performers including musicians, storytellers, artists and many others at a reasonable cost. Particular attention is given to developing the social skills of the children, as well as their confidence and independence.

Formal written permission is required before any child can be taken on an excursion. Every endeavour is made to space excursions/incursions during the year to avoid costs being too great at any one time. If payment is not received by the due date and a payment plan has not been entered into, students will not participate in that particular excursion/incursion and will join a buddy class on that day.


When paying for incursions, excursions or other school activities, please pay via direct deposit into the school bank account.

Newborough Primary School no longer accepts cash payments.

Money can be paid by online banking (please include your child’s surname and incursion/excursion name as reference). Our school bank details are:

BSB: 016 350
Account No: 3408 71304


If your child still needs a school diary and/or green library bag from their booklist, these are no longer available for purchase through the P&C however they can be purchased from the front office.

Please make payment via direct deposit to the school’s bank account (diaries are $10 and the green library bags are $6.95), including the child’s name and the item in the reference section eg Janet Smith, diary/bag. Once the transaction appears on the next morning’s bank statement, we will deliver the item/s to your child in their classroom.

No Dogs on School Grounds

Deputy News


Newborough Primary School’s School Photos are will be taken on: Wednesday 23rd February and Thursday 24th February 2022 by MSP Photography.

Every student will have their photo taken, whether they are purchasing photos or not.

We have chosen to use the online ordering system only and in the coming week or so, every child will be given an online ordering instruction slip and a unique student Shootkey.

To order, you will need to Log onto and follow the prompts to place your order.

If you lose your Shootkey, your class teacher will have a copy to quote back to you.

The expiry date for online ordering is the Wednesday 2 March 2022. Any orders received after this date will incur a $30.00 archive fee. You can email your order request through to or call their office on 9240 8000.

Family Photos will be taken both mornings before school in the undercover area and envelopes can be obtained from Administration. Please ensure that your family envelope and payment are handed to the Photographers on photo day. If you do not have the correct money, the photographers will provide any change needed when photos are delivered to school. Family photos cannot be ordered online. Once the school has received photos, family photos will remain at reception for parents to collect. Please Note: Individuals and Family Photos are not available to view online.

The timetable for photos is:

Wednesday 23rd February 2022

8am Family Photos before school






Year 5/6

Room 15

Lauren Danker


Year 6

Room 16

Elisa Phillips


Year 5

Room 14

Nat Kos


Year 1

Room 9

Vicki Tennant


Year 1

Room 10

Megan Saggers/Bree O’Dea


Kindy Green

Room 1

Pip Murdoch (in PP area)




Room 4

Katie Ahrens (in PP area)


Year 1/2

Room 8

Sarah Lydon


Year 2

Room 7

Justine Watson


Year 2/3

Room 6

Nadine Murray


Year 3

Room 5

Mandy Farmer/Emily Anderson


Year 4/5

Room 12

Iain Freeman



Room 4

Katie Ahrens (in PP area)


Thursday 24th February 2022

8am Family Photos before school






Junior Choir

Andria Snelson


Senior Choir

Andria Snelson


Faction Captains

Year 6 Leadership Group

Music Captains

PBW Captains

Science Captains

Kris Williams

Nick Stenhouse

Andria Snelson

John Worthy

Sam Metcalf


Kindy Red

Room 1

Bev Thornett (in PP area)


11.00 -11.20

Year 3/4

Room 12

Peter Blanch

We apologise in advance but we cannot change the timetable if your child is late, has a planned absence or is sick on the day. Sorry.


DoE Security

Keep an eagle eye on our school!

School Watch encourages the school community to report any suspicious activity in and around school grounds, after hours and on weekends, as well as during school holidays.

Telephone 1800 177 777 (free call) or 13 14 44 (WA Police).

Please do not approach any individuals, just contact security and they will investigate the situation or contact the Police. Working together will help protect our school.

P&C News

Canteen News

The school canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for morning recess and lunches

Canteen Manager

Uniform Shop News

If you have some spare time on Tuesday mornings we would welcome your help in the uniform shop Your valuable time is greatly appreciated


Tuesdays 8:15-8:45am.


Uniform ordering can be made via QuickCliq (if you know the size). The cut off time is Mondays at 6pm to receive by Wednesday of the same week. Any orders after Monday at 6pm will be processed the following week.

Birthday Cakes/Gifts for Students

A reminder that we are not allowing the sharing of birthday cakes, presents etc. for birthdays or other celebrations due to the COVID restrictions. It remains too risky.



If your son or daughter is in year 2 to 6 and is interested in playing netball for Newborough this year, we’d love to hear from you!

Training is held at school and games are played at Matthews Netball Centre in Wembley.

All the details can be found in our information pack -

Please register your child’s interest using the following form:

Forms close Monday February 14

Any questions? Please contact Club Coordinator, Sonia Johansen on 041 77 333 57 or

* Pre-Primary and Year 1 aged students will be invited to participate around week 4. A separate information pack will be emailed to parents

Sonia Johansen
Club Coordinator
Newborough Primary School Netball Club

Community News

Barnes Karate

Target Sports


School Calendar


Target Sports

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Mulberry Tree Childcare

Working in partnership with Newborough Primary School

The services we offer are:

Before School Care - daily 7:00am – 9:00am

After School Care - daily 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Vacation Care – School Holidays 7:00am to 6:00pm

For more information visit our website at:

For all enquiries please contact us on: or on (08) 9244 2920

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